Signed Books
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All books are hard back editions‚ unless otherwise noted. Books are arranged alphabetically by the authors last name. Please call for availability of a specific book.

We have also included in this list special editions of some books‚ such as slipcase editions‚ which may or may not be signed. If the book is NOT signed‚ it will be noted in the listing. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

updated: 8-30-02

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Abella‚ Alex : Dead of Night
Africa, Chris N.: When Wolves Cry (mass market paperback)
Ahern‚ Jerry and Sharon: The Freeman (trade paperback)
Albert‚ Susan Wittig: Bloodroot
Anderson, C.K.: A Step Beyond (trade paperback)
Anderson, Kevin J.: Born of Elvin Blood
Anderson, Poul: Orion Shall Rise (paperbound advance copy)
Andersson, C. Dean: Warrior Witch (trade paperback)
Andrews‚ Sarah: Mother Nature
Arnzen, Michael: Writhing in Darkness (limited edition pamphlet)
Asaro‚ Catherine: The Radient Seas
Catch the Lightning
Ashbless, William: On Pirates (limited edition pamphlet)
Asimov‚ Isaac: Fantastic Voyage II (limited slipcased edition)
Gold (limited slipcased edition‚ not signed)
Atkins, Meg Elizabeth: Cruel as the Grave (trade paperback)
Auel‚ Jean: The Clan of the Cave Bear (limited slipcased trilogy‚ not signed)
The Valley of the Horses
The Mammoth Hunters


Baker‚ Will: Shadow Hunter
Ballard‚ J.G.: The Day of Creation
Barker‚ Clive: Cabal
Coldheart Canyon
Clive Barker Illustrator
(limited edition)
Imajica (limited slipcased edition)
Prime Evil (paperbound advance copy of anthology edited by D. Winter)
The Thief of Always
(limited slipcased edition)
The Thief of Always
Barnes‚ Steven: Blood Brothers
Barr‚ Nevada: Hunting Season
Barre‚ Richard: The Ghost of Morning
Baxter‚ Stephen: Titan
Beagle‚ Peter: Immortal Unicorn
The Fantasy Worlds of Peter Beagle
(including Lila the Werewolf, The Last Unicorn, Come, Lady Death, and A Fine and Private Place)
The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche
The Unicorn Sonata
Bear‚ Greg: Anvil of Stars (trade paperback)
Blood Music
(trade paperback)
Darwin’s Radio
The Forge of God
(trade paperback)
(trade paperback)
Queen of Angels
Bennett‚ Rick: Destroying Angel
Betancourt‚ John Gregory: Slab’s Tavern and Other Uncanny Places
Billheimer‚ John: Dismal Mountain
Bishop‚ Michael: Apartheid‚ Superstrings‚ and Mordecai Thubana
Emphatically Not SF‚ Almost
(limited edition)
Black‚ Cara: Murder in the Sentier
Blauner‚ Peter: Man of the Hour
Blaylock‚ James: The Digging Leviathan (not signed)
The Last Coin (limited slipcased edition)
Paper Dragons
(limited edition)
Block‚ Lawrence: The Burglar in the Library
The Devil Knows You’re Dead
Hit List
Hope to Die
Blumlein, Michael: The Brains of Rats
The Movement of Mountains
(mass market paperback)
Boston, Bruce: Sensuous Debris (limited edition pamphlet)
Bova, Ben: The High Road
The High Road
(paperbound advance galleys)
Boyd, Blanche McCrary: Terminal Velocity

Bradbury, Ray:

Fahrenheit 451 (limited slipcased edition)
The October Country (limited slipcased edition)
The Toynbee Convector (limited slipcased edition)
Brandner, Gary: Rot
Brenchley, Chaz: Blood Waters (trade paperback)
The Keys to D'Espérance (limited edition pamphlet)
Brierley, Barry: Timeless Interlude at Wounded Knee
Brin, David and Benford, Gregory Heart of the Comet (signed by Brin)
Heart of the Comet (mass market paperback)
Heart of the Comet (paperbound advance galleys signed by Brin)
Brin, David: Brightness Reef (mass market paperback)
Brightness Reef
(paperbound advance galleys)
Earth (limited slipcased edition)
Earth (mass market paperback)
Foundation’s Triumph
Foundation’s Triumph
(mass market paperback)
The Game of Worlds
(mass market paperback)
Glory Season
(mass market paperback)
Heaven’s Reach
(paperbound advance galleys)
Heaven’s Reach(mass market paperback)
Infinity’s Shore (mass market paperback)
Kiln People

Otherness (mass market paperback)
The Postman
(mass market paperback)
The Postman (paperbound advance copy)
The Practice Effect
(mass market paperback)
The Practice (paperbound advance copy)
Startide Rising
(mass market paperback)
(mass market paperback)
Tiger in the Sky
(mass market paperback)
The Transparent Society (mass market paperback)
The Uplift War (mass market paperback)
Brite, Poppy Z.: Guilty But Not Insane (limited edition)
Brooks, Terry: The Black Unicorn
Magical Kingdon for Sale — Sold!
The Scions of Shannara
The Sword of Shannara
(mass market paperback)
Brown, Eric: A Writer's Life (limited edition trade paperback)
Bryant, Edward: Fetish (limited edition)
Fetish (limited edition trade paperback)
Bujold, Lois McMaster: Borders of Infinity (mass market paperback)
Cetaganda (mass market paperback)
Cordelia's Honor (mass market paperback)
Diplomatic Immunity
Falling Free (mass market paperback)
Miles, Mystery & Mayhem
Mirror Dance (mass market paperback)
The Vor Game (mass market paperback)
Burns, Charles and Panter, Gary: Facetasm (limited edition, not signed)
Burns, Cliff: The Reality Machine
Burt, Andrew: Noontide Night (trade paperback)
Butler, Octavia: Adulthood Rites (mass market paperback)
(mass market paperback)

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Caball, James: Branch The Way of Ecben (limited edition)
Cadigan, Pat: Fools (mass market paperback)
Mindplayers (mass market paperback)
Patterns (limited slipcased edition)
Cadnum, Michael: Breaking the Fall
Ghost Writer
The Horses of the Night
(mass market paperback)
Card, Orson Scott: Cardography (limited slipcased edition)
Carroll, Jonathan: The Heidelberg Cylinder (limited edition)
Outside the Dog Museum
Carver, Jeffrey A.: Neptune Crossing
Catalano, Frank: Love Object (limited edition pamphlet)
Chapdelaine, Perry A. Sr.: The John W. Campbell Letters Volume II (limited edition, not signed)
Charnas, Suzy McKee The Bronze King
The Kingdom of Kevin Malone
Cherryh, C.J.: Chanur's Legacy (paperbound advance copy)
Fortress in the Eye of Time
(paperbound advance copy)
The Pride of Chanur
(paperbound advance copy)
Visible Light
Cherryh, C.J. and Janet Morris : Kings in Hell (mass market paperback)
Chiang, Doug: Star Wars: The Art of Episode I Portfolio (metal box of prints)
Clark, G.O.: A Box Full of Alien Skies
Clarke, Arthur C.: The Songs of Distant Stars (limited slipcased edition)
Coel, Margaret: The Dream Stalker
Collins, Nancy A.: Midnight Blue -- the Sonja Blue Collection (trade paper back)
Connelly, John: Dark Hollow
Cooper, Susan: The Boggart
The Boggart and the Monster
The Dark is Rising
Dawn of Fear
(trade paperback)
Dreams and Wishes
Over Sea, Under Stone
Corbett, David: The Devil's Redhead
Cornwell, Patricia: Point of Origin (limited slipcased edition)
Cowley, Ken: Miscellany Macabre (limited edition trade paperback)
Cramer, John: Einstein’s Bridge
Crowther, Peter: Gandalph Cohen (limited edition pamphlet)

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D’Amato, Barbara: Hardball
Danielewski, Mark Z.: House of Leaves
Datlow, Ellen and Terri Windling (editors): Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears
Datlow, Ellen (editor): A Whisper of Blood
Davidson, Diane Mott: Sticks and Scones
Davis, Carol Anne: Expiry Date (limited edition pamphlet)
Davis, Duane: Demon Eyes (mass market paperback)
Day, Diane: The Bohemian Murders
Deaver, Jeffery: The Empty Chair
DeFraites, S.G.: Beauty of the Stars (mass market paperback)
First Love (mass market paperback)
Errands of Mercy (mass market paperback)
Delany, Samuel R.: They Fly at Çiron
Devane, Mark: Twilight of the Celebrities (limited edition trade paperback)
Dewberry, Elizabeth: Sacrament of Lies
Doherty, P.C.: Drakulya (limited edition)
Donaldson, Stephen R.: The Man Who Fought Alone
The One Tree
The Real Story
Donnelly, J.W.: Babylon Gardens (limited edition trade paperback)
Donovan, Dick: The Corpse Light (limited edition, not signed)
Due, Tananarive: The Between (trade paperback)
The Between
Dunn, Dawn: Pink Marble (limited edition pamphlet)
Dunn, Katherine: Geek Love

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Elkins, Aaron: Loot
Ellison, Harlan Mefisto in Onyx (limited slipcased edition)
Edgeworks 1
Medea: Harlan’s World
Emerson, Earl: The Million-Dollar Tattoo
Erickson, Steve: Arc d’X (USA and UK editions)
Leap Year (trade paperback)
Leap Year (paperbound advance copy)
Rubicon Beach
Etchinson, Dennis: The Blood Kiss
Evans, Christopher: The Insider

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Fairstein, Linda: Cold Hit
Farland, David: The Runelords
Farmer, Philip José The Grand Adventure (limited slipcased edition)
The Magic Labyrinth
Feist, Raymond E.: Krondor: The Assassins
Krondor: Tear of the Gods
Prince of the Blood
Rise of a Merchant Price
Rage of a Demon King
Shadow of a Dark Queen
(advanced paperbound galley)
Shards of a Broken Crown
Ferret, Tim: We Murder (limited edition pamphlet)
Phoenix Restaurant (limited edition pamphlet)
Fitzhugh, Bill: Cross Dressing
Fender Benders
Pest Control
(mass market paperback)
The Organ Grinder (mass market paperback)
Foguth, Jane: The Peacekeepers (trade paperback)
Foster, Alan Dean A Call to Arms
Cyber Way
(paperbound advance copy)
The Hour of the Gate (paperbound advance copy)
Krull (paperbound advance copy)
Sentenced to Prism
Time of Transference
(paperbound advance copy)
Fowler, Christopher: Rune(limited slipcased edition)
Fowler, Karen Joy: Sarah Canary
Friedman, Kinky: Roadkill
Froud, Brian: Faeries (paperbound advance galleys)
Good Faeries, Bad Faeries
Froud, Brian and Jones, Terry: Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells
Froud, Wendy and Windling, Terri: A Midsummer’s Night Faery Tale

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Gaiman, Neil : American Gods
Miracleman #17
Miracleman #18 (comic-book)
Smoke and Mirrors
Gallagher, Stephen: Rain
Garton, Ray: Seductions (limited edition)
Gentle, Mary: The Architecture of Desire
Gibson, William: Idoru
Mona Lisa Overdrive
(paperbound advance copy)
Gibson, William and Bruce Sterling: The Difference Engine (limited slipcased edition)
Gilbreath, Allan: Galen (limited edition trade paperback)
Godfrey, Thomas: Murder for Christmas (limited slipcased edition, also signed by Gahan Wilson)
Goldstein, Lisa: Dark Cities Underground
The Alchemist's Door
Gorman, Ed: The Poker Club (limited edition)
Gould, Steven and Laura J. Mixon: Greenwar
Grant, Linda: Vampire Bytes
Green, Kate: Black Dreams
Greenwald, Jeff: Future Perfect
Gluckman, Janet and George Guthridge: Child of the Light

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Haining, Peter: Doctor Who: The Key to Time (limited slipcased edition)
Haldeman, Joe: Worlds
Hall, Robert Lee: London Blood
Hamilton, Laurell K.: A Caress of Twilight
Obsidian Butterfly
Narcissus in Chains
Hamilton, Peter F.: Watching Trees Grow (limited edition trade paperback)
Hammett, Dashiel: The Maltese Falcon (limited slipcased edition, not signed)
Hand, Elizabeth Black Light
Waking the Moon
Handler, David: The Man Who Cancelled Himself
Harris, Will: Noble Rot
Harrison, Harry: West of Eden
Hart, Carolyn G.: Scandal in Fair Haven
Hart, Ellen: A Killing Cure
Hautala, Rick: The Mountain King (limited slipcased edition)
Herbert, Brian: Prisoners of Arionn
Herbert, Brian and Landis, Marie: Memorymakers (mass market paperback)
Herbert, Brian and Anderson, Kevin J.: Dune House Atreides (mass market paperback)
Dune House Harkonnen
Fremen Justice
(limited edition pamphlet)
Hiaasen, Carl: Sick Puppy
Hildebrandt, Greg and Tim: The Tolkien Years (limited slipcased edition)
Hoffman, Barry: Hungry Eyes (limited edition)
Holtzer, Susan: Curly Smoke
Hopkinson, Nalo Brown Girl in the Ring (trade paper back)
Mightnight Robber (trade paper back)
Hughes, Rhys: The Smell of Telescopes (limited edition)

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James, P.D.: Time to be in Earnest
Jeter, K.W.: Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human
Blade Runner 2
(paperbound advance copy)
Joseph, Mark: The Wild Card

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Kandel, Michael: Captain Jack Zodiac
Panda Ray
Kanon, Joseph: The Prodigal Spy
Katz, Jon: The Family Stalker
Kennealy-Morrison, Patricia: The Hedge of Mist
The Hedge of Mist
(mass market paperback)
Keyes, J. Gregory: A Calculus of Angels
A Calculus of Angels
(mass market paperback)
The Blackgod (mass market paperback)
Empire of Unreason (mass market paperback)
Newton’s Cannon (mass market paperback)
The Shadows of God (trade paperback)
The Waterborn
The Waterborn
(mass market paperback)
Kihn, Greg: Big Rock Beat
Shade of Pale
King, Stephen The Stand (not signed)
Insomnia (paperbound advance galleys, not signed)
Rose Madder (paperbound advance galleys, not signed)
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (not signed)
My Pretty Pony (limited slipcased edition, not signed)
Klause, Annette Curtis: Alien Secrets
Koontz, Dean Strange Highways (paperbound advance galleys)
Intensity (paperbound advance galleys)
Dark Rivers of the Heart (not signed)
From the Corner of his Eye (leatherbound advance galleys)
Kotzwinkle, William: Book of Love (trade paperback)
The Exile (trade paperback)
E.T. (mass market)
The Game of Thirty (mass market)
The Hot Jazz Trio (trade paperback)
Jack in the Box (trade paperback)
Queen of Swords (mass market)
Kress, Nancy: Dancing on Air (limited edition)
Kurland, Michael: The Great Game
The Infernal Device & Others
(trade paperback)

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Lanier, Virginia: Blind Bloodhound Justice
Lansdale, Joe R.: Act of Love
Bad Chili
(limited edition)
Blood Dance (limited edition)
Dead in the West
The Long Ones
(limited edition)
Waltz of Shadows (limited edition)
Lawrence, Martha C. : Murder in Scorpio
Aquarius Decending
Lee, Sharon and Miller, Steve: Pilots Choice
Lehane, Dennis: Mystic River
Leonard, Elmore: Be Cool
Tishomingo Blues
Lethem, Jonathan: The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye (paperbound advance copy)
Lewis, John Hamilton Opal Eye Devil
Logan, Chuck: The Big Law
Lovegrove, James: How the Other Half Lives (limited edition trade paperback)
Lovett, Sarah: Acquired Motives
Lumley, Brian: Iced on Aran (limited slipcased edition)
The Compleat Khash (limited slipcased edition)
The Transition of Titus Crow (limited slipcased edition)
Lupoff, Richard A.: The Bessie Blue Killer
Claremont Tales
(limited slipcased edition)

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MacAvoy, R.A.: Winter of the Wolf (not signed)
Maguire, Gregory: Four Stupid Cupids
Matheson, Richard: Scars (limited slipcased edition)
What Dreams May Come (limited slipcased edition)
McBain, Ed Downtown
The Big Bad City
McCammon, Robert: Mine (paperbound advance galleys)
McGrath, Patrick Asylum
Asylum (trade paperback)
Asylum (paperbound advance copy)
Blood and Water (trade paperback)
Dr. Haggard’s Disease
Martha Peake
McIntyre, Vonda: Metaphase (mass market paperback)
Starfarers (mass market paperback)
Miéville, China: King Rat (trade paperback)
Perdido Street Station (trade paperback)
The Scar (trade paperback)
Miller, John A.: Causes of Action
Miller, Rex: St. Louis Blues (limited slipcased edition)
Mixon, Laura J.: Astropilots (mass market paperback)
Modessitt Jr., L.E.: Adiamante
Moorcock, Michael: A Nomad of the Time Streams
The Cornelius Quartet
(trade paperback)
Corum the Coming of the Chaos
Corum the Prince with the Silver Hand
Corum the Prince with the Silver Hand
(trade paperback)
Count Brass
Dancers at the End of Time
The Dreamthief’s Daughter
(limited slipcased edition)
Earl Aubec and Other Stories
Elric: Song of the Black Sword
(trade paperback)
Elric: The Stealer of Souls
Elric: The Stealer of Souls
(trade paperback)
The Eternal Champion
(trade paperback)
(trade paperback)
King of the City
The Laughter of Carthage
Legends from the End of Time
Legends from the End of Time
(trade paperback)
Mother London
The Roads Between the Worlds
Sailing to Utopia
Tales From the Texas Woods
Von Bek
(trade paperback)
Von Bek
Moore, Christpher: Practical Demon-keeping
Moran, Daniel Keys Emerald Eyes. The Star. The Long Run. (limited slipcased edition)
Terminal Freedom (with Jodi Moran)
Morrell, David: The Hundred-Year Christmas (limited edition)
Morris, Kevin: The Dawnchild (trade paperback)
Morron, Bradford and Patrick McGrath, editors: The New Gothic
Murphy, Pat There and Back Again
Wild Angel
The City, Not Long After

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Newman, Kim Andy Warhol’s Dracula (limited edition)
Niven, Larry Ringworld (not signed)
N Space (paperbound advance galleys, not signed)
The Smoke Ring
Nix, Garth Lirael
Shade’s Children
Shade’s Children
(mass market paperback)
Nolan, William F.: The Black Mask Murders
Logan’s World
(trade paperback)
Noon, Jeff: Pollen (paperbound advace copy)
Vurt (trade paperback)
Vurt (paperbound advance copy)

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Osier, Jeffrey: Horizon Lines (limited edition)

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Anth.


Padgett, Abigail: Turtle Baby
Parker, Robert: Death in Paradise
Partridge, Norman: Wildest Dreams (limited edition)
Pearce, Michael: The Snake-Catchers Daughter
Peters, Elizabeth: The Golden One
Lord of the Silent
Pohl, Frederik: Jem

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Anth.


Quick, W.T.: Dreams of Flesh and Sand


Ramsland, Katherine: Piercing the Darkness
Rawn, Melanie: Dragonstar #1 Stronghold
Dragonstar #1 Stronghold
(paperbound advance copy)
Resnick, Mike: Adventures (limited edition)
The Alien Heart (limited edition)
Encounters (limited edition)
Stalking the Wild Resnick (limited edition, not signed)
Rice, Anne: Lasher
Memnoch the Devil
(limited slipcased edition)
The Tale of the Body Thief
(limited slipcased edition)
The Witching Hour
Robinson, Kim Stanley: A Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions (limited edition)
Rodgers, Alan: New Life for the Dead (limited edition)
Night (limited edition)
Roessner, Michaela: The Stars Dispose
Rosenman, John B.: More Stately Mansions (limited edition trade paperback)
Rowland, Laura Joh: Black Lotus
Black Lotus
(mass market paperback)
(mass market paperback)
The Concubine’s Tattoo (mass market paperback)
The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria
The Samurai’s Wife
(mass market paperback)
Shinju (mass market paperback)
The Way of the Traitor (mass market paperback)
Rowlands, David G.: The Executor (limited edition, not signed)
Rusch, Kristine Katherine: Heart Readers (trade paperback
The White Mists of Power
Russell, Richard: Point of Rerference (mass market paperback)

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Sallee, Wayne: Allen Paingrin (limited edition pamphlet)
Salmonson, Jessica Amanda John Collier and Fredric Brown Went Quarrelling Through My Head
(limited slipcased edition)
Satterthwait, Walter: Escapade
Saylor, Steven: A Mist of Prophecies
(paperbound advance copy)
Scholefield, Alan: Dirty Weekend
Schutz, Benjamin M.: A Fistful of Empty
Scoppettone, Sandra: My Sweet Untraceable You
Setloue, Richard: The Sexual Occupation of Japan
Shea, Michael Nifft the Lean (limited edition)
Sheckley, Robert Watchbird (limited edition)
Sheehan, Bill: At the Foot of the Story Tree: An Inquiry into the Fiction of Peter Straub (limited edition, signed by Sheehan)
Shelton, Greg: Chasing the Cosmic Wind
Shepard, Lucious: The Golden
The Jaguar Hunter
(trade paperback)
Life During Wartime
Shiel, M.P.: Shapes in the Fire (limited edition, not signed)
Shirley, John: Black Butterflies (trade paperback)
City Come a Walkin’ (trade paperback)
Darkness Divided
Silicon Embrace
The View from Hell
(limited edition)
(limited slipcased edition)
Silverberg, Robert: Downward to Earth
The Face in the Waters
(limited slipcased edition)
Lion Time in Timbuctoo (limited edition)
Kingdoms of the Wall (paperbound advance copy)
Nightfall (with Isaac Asimov, limited slipcased edition)
Majipoor Chronicles
Thebes of the Hundred Gates
(limited slipcased edition)
Tom O’Bedlam (trade paperback)
Universe 1 (with Karen Haber)
Simmons, Dan: Fires of Eden
The Hollow Man
(paperbound advance copy)
Skal, David Screams of Reason: Mad Science and Modern Culture
Sleator, William : Fingers
Into the Dream
Sloca, Sue Ellen: Candles on the Pond (limited edition)
Smith, Julie: Cresent City Kill
Somtow, S.P. A Lap Dance with the Lobster Lady (limited edition pamphlet)
The Riverrun Trilogy
(limited slipcased edition)
Soukup, Martha: Rosemary’s Brain (limited edition)
Springer, Nancy: Damnbanna (limited edition)
The Blind God is Watching (limited edition)
Stabenow, Dana: Blood Will Tell (paperbound advance copy)
Stableford, Brian Year Zero
Sterling, Bruce: Distraction
Holy Fire
Stone, Del Dead Heat
Stone, Michael: Totally Dead
Straub, Peter: Floating Dragon
Houses Without Doors
Houses Without Doors
(mass market paperback)
The Throat
(limited slipcased edition)
The Throat
Streiber, Whitley: The Hunger (mass market paperback)
The Last Vampire
Sullivan, Mark T.: Labyrinth (paperbound advance copy)
Swan, Thomas: The Final Embrace
Swigart, Rob: Venom

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Anth.


Thomas, Rob: Slave Day
Tremayne, Peter: My Lady of Hy-Brasil (limited edition)

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Anth.


Underwood, Michael: A Dangerous Business


Vachss, Andrew: Blossom
Safe House
Vance, Jack Ports of Call (limited slipcased edition)
Ecce and Old Earth (limited slipcased edition)
Van de Wettering,
Jan Willem
Mangrove Mama
Varley, John: Steal Beach (paperbound advance copy)
Vinge, Joan D.: Dreamfall
(trade paperback)
World’s End (limited slipcased edition)
Vinge, Vernor A Deepness in the Sky

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Anth.


Waldman, Ayelet: The Big Nap
Nursery Crimes
Nursery Crimes
(mass market paperback)
Wallace, David Foster The Broom of the System (not signed)
Walters, Minette: The Breaker
Watson, Ian: Salvage Rites
Slow Birds
Stalin’s Teardrops
Weinberg, Robert: The Black Lodge (limited slipcased edition)
Wesley, Valerie Wilson: The Devil’s Gonna Get Him
Westlake, Donald E.: Humans
Trust Me On This
Wharton, Ken: Divine Intervention (mass market paperback)
Whitbourne, John: Popes and Phantoms
Wiater, Stanley: Mysteries of the Word (limited edition pamphlet)
Wightman, Wayne: Ganglion & Other Stories
Wilhelm, Kate: Seven Kinds of Death
Williams, Sean: Doorway to Eternity (trade paperback)
Williams, Tad Caliban’s Hour
The Dragonbone Chair
(paperbound advance copy)
Otherland Volume I
Otherland Volume IV
Stone of Farewell
(paperbound advance copy)
Williams, Tad and Hoffman, Nina Kiriki: Child of an Ancient City (trade paperback)
Williams, Walter Jon Angel Station
Frankensteins and Foreign Devils
(limited slipcased edition)
Williamson, Chet Dreamthorp (limited slipcased edition)
Wilson, Gahan: The Cleft and Other Odd Tales
Winter, Douglas E. Splatter (not signed)
Womack, Jack: Heathern

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Anth.


Yeh, Phil Frank the Unicorn On the Farm (trade paperback)
Yolen, Jane Touch Magic


Zahn, Timothy Star Wars: The Last Command (limited slipcased edition)

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Anth.


Bear, Greg: New Legends
Betancourt, John Gregory Swashbuckling Editor Stories (limited edition)
Cherryh, C.J. and Morris, Janet: Prophets in Hell (mass market paperback)
Coleburn, P. and Cinn, M.: Dark Horizons (limited edition trade paperback)
Datlow, Ellen Little Deaths
Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears (with Terri Windling)
A Whisper of Blood
Datlow, Ellen and Windling, Terri: Black Thorn, White Rose
Etchison, Dennis Lord John Ten
(limited slipcased edition)
Frane, Jeff and Jack Rems The 7th World Fantasy Convention Book
Gilliam, Richard Grails: Quests, Visitations and Other Occurrences (limited edition)
Hancock, Scott and Cochran, Lin Nielsen: Southern Fried Sci-Fi (limited edition trade paperback)
Maclay, John Voices from the Night (limited slipcased edition)
Martin, George R.R. Wildcards Volume 1-6 (trade paperback)
The John W. Campbell Awards Vol. 5 (trade paperback)
Morrow, Bardford and Patrick McGrath The New Gothic
Montelone, Thomas F. Borderlands 2 (limited slipcased edition)
Borderlands 4 (limited slipcased edition)
Rusch, Kristine Katherine Pulphouse Issue Four
Pulphouse Issue Six
Saunders, Elizabeth A. When the Black Lotus Blooms (limited edition)
Schiff, Stuart David The Best of Whispers (limited slipcased edition)
Silverberg, Robert: Beyond Control
Three for Tomorrow
Trips in Time
Silverberg, Robert and Karen Haber Universe 1
Skipp, John Still Dead (not signed)
Smith, Michael Marshall: Spares
Wiater, Stanley After the Darkness (limited slipcased edition)
Wagner, Karl Edward Horrorstory Vol. 3 (not signed)
Horrorstory Vol. 4 (not signed)
Williamson, J.N.
Masques IV (limited slipcased edition)

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