Scenes from the Carnival

Dark Carnival specializes in science fiction, fantasy, and mystery books! We have a huge selection, a knowledgeable staff and plenty of random plastic stuff to round out your bookstore experience!
"It's much bigger on the inside!"

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Mon. - Sat. 10:30am - 7pm
Sunday 12noon - 6pm


To our staunch supporters-

Its thanks to all of you that were still here.


Please, If you have any shopping to do, now and for the holidays, do some of it here.  Pull a friend in the door, show them our stores.  Give someone a gift certificate, or just buy one for yourself as a way to get us some working capital.


No other way to say this. We need your help.

Please shop at Dark Carnival Bookstore and Escapist Comics.


We need you.


Happy Thanksgiving.


Jack Rems, prop.


3086 and 3090 Claremont Avenue

Berkeley CA 94705

510-654-7323 and 510-652-6642


P.S.: If youre broke, and believe me I understand, please come in anyway, say hi, hang out, Ill give you something good to read, no charge.

We have oodles of Signed Books  check it out!
(warning--this is a really old list and needs updating, but you're welcome to ask!)

Please note: if you would like to order items off the website, please e-mail for the availability of the items. This works better than calling! Thanks!

updated: Nov 25 2013.
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