Lost Souls: Clive Barker's Official Web Site. Clive is one of our favorite people around here. Whenever he visits us for a booksigning, he's always the nicest, most gracious host to all his fans, including us.
The Jonathan Carroll Website. One of our very favorite authors at Dark Carnival, and a great person too! This site is amazing, check it out.
Graham Rawle's The Lost Consonant.
Just one of Graham Rawle's genius comics called The Lost Consonant. We love Graham Rawle's books, Wonder Book of Fun and Diary of an Amateur Photographer, so we were really excited when we came across Lost Consonants. When we can find a site with more of them, we'll link you to it!

We get most of our cool toys from Archie McPhee's, also known as Accoutrements. Check out tons of products that can also be purchased at Dark Carnival! Just remember, we don't carry *everything* on this site, but we do carry a lot of it!

The home of Unamerican Activities, a great resource for one-of-a-kind subversive material. Stickers, manifestos, coffee mugs, etc, including a bumpersticker for your car that says "I'm Killing the Earth." This site rules.
The Official site of the Northern California Independent Bookseller's Association. Support your local indie bookstore!
A cool Brian Froud site. Lots of images as well as a bit of biographical stuff. We were fortunate enough to have Brian Froud visit us recently, so now we want to turn EVERYONE on to his great books!
The Zero: Andrew Vachss Website. A really informative site with information both about his writing and about his many causes. Plus a picture gallery of dogs! Just go, see.
Chaosium: Our pals who worship at the altar of Cthulhu. A great place to find books and hear about what's up and coming from this Lovecraft-friendly publisher.
Red Meat: From the Secret Files of Max Cannon. The grooviest, weirdest, sickest comic strip in town. And the homepage has a severed finger on it!
If you notice any of these links are dead, please let us know...