The JarJar Pinata
Our intrepid leader decided to properly celebrate Dark Carnival's 26 years by beating the stuffing (or candy) out of Jarjar Binks. It was quite a show!
It begins...
The Intrepid leader hangs a rope for the Jarjar Piñata.
String him up!
Dark Carnival folk help hang Jarjar.
Go Jack Go!
Jack gets the party off to a bang!
Pent up aggression released!
Allan gets a few licks in (he worked for Lucas, after all).
A Wee Chabon
One of the wee Chabons gets a turn.
He's dead, Jim!
Jarjar finally gives up the ghost (and the candy!).
Should we clean this up?
The remains are scraped together.
The writing on the wall...
A chalk outline helps us remember poor Jarjar.