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updated: July 31, 2004
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Poppy Z. Brite
Christa Faust

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Thursday July 29, 5:30 pm

Walter Hunt continues his flashy 24th-century space-opera series (the DARK series) with THE DARK ASCENT (Tor Books, $27.95). The first two books in the series are now in paperback, THE DARK WING and THE DARK PATH. (But we will probably still have a few hardcovers for those who need them. Don't be afraid to ask!)

WALTER H. HUNT, a recovering programmer (10 years) and also a recovering technical writer (8 years), has for the last two years been writing full time, which, he says, has brought some success and even more satisfaction.


Friday July 30, 5:30 pm

Lono Waiwaiole's debut novel, Wiley's Lament , was named a finalist for the 2003 Oregon Book Awards in October, 2003, but was no longer eligible for this award following his move to Hawai'i. Lono's second book is Wiley's Shuffle , St. Martin's Minotaur (June 2004). In Wiley's world, violence runs deep and loyalty runs even deeper. So when a prostitute named Miriam gets attached to the wrong guy, Wiley leaves the poker table, grabs his best friend Leon and starts looking for a way to shake her loose. Trouble is, the guy is a sociopathic pimp named Dookie who's on the lucky streak of a lifetime and who is starting to feel invincible.

Their quest takes Wiley and Leon to Vegas and L.A.--plus a few desolate, dangerous spots in between--suntil they reach a brutal, vicious showdown back on the streets of the Portland they all call home. To Wiley, it's more clear than ever that the only things worth knowing are who's on your side and who's got your back.

Lono Waiwaiole was born in San Francisco and spent his childhood moving up and down the West Coast. Lono is half Hawai'ian, a quarter Italian and a quarter something his family refers to as Pennsylvania Dutch. This tangled web has a significant impact on the way he looks at people--in his life and in his writing. Lono taught high-school social studies and English in Portland from 1989 until 2003 and currently teaches English at a high school on the island of Hawai'i. He has also worked as editor of a weekly newspaper, associate editor of a regional magazine, director of publications and sports information at a small liberal arts college, and as a professional poker player--a career which might have lasted longer had he been a little better at it.

Poppy Z. Brite and Christa Faust

Three Rivers Press $13.95

Wednesday May 5
5:30 pm

Dark Carnival welcomes Poppy Z. Brite to sign and talk about LIQUOR,

New Orleans natives Rickey and G-man are lifetime friends and down-and-out line cooks desperate to make a quick buck. When Rickey concocts the idea of opening a restaurant in their alcohol-loving hometown where every dish packs a spirited punch, they know they're on their way to the bank. With some wheeling and dealing, a slew of great recipes, and a few lucky breaks, Rickey and G-man are soon on their way to opening Liquor, their very own restaurant. But first they need to pacify a local crank who doesn't want to see his neighborhood disturbed, sidestep Rickey's deranged ex-boss, rein in their big-mouth silent partner before he runs amok, and stay afloat in a stew of corruption in a town well known for its bottom feeders. A manic, spicy romp through the kitchens, back alleys, dive bars, and drug deals of the country's most sublimely ridiculous city, author Poppy Z. Brite masterfully shakes equal parts ambition, scandal, chilé powder, cocaine, and murder, and serves Liquor straight up, with a twist. POPPY Z. BRITE is the author of a dozen books, including Lost Souls, Drawing Blood, and Exquisite Corpse. Liquor is her first book set in the restaurant world. She lives in New Orleans with her husband, Chris, a chef.

Did you miss--?

April 4, 2004
2 pm

Howard V. Hendrix

Signing The Labyrinth Key.

"Hendrix's sentences have punch, his plots have points, and he knows his science - what more can you ask of cutting edge science fiction?"
~ Gregory Benford,
   Physicist and Nebula Award winning author

May 3, 2004
5:30 pm
Darren Shan - Author of Cirque du Freak
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